Although many ask if he is serious, there is nothing funny about the issues that Miami-Dade County faces and Luther Campbell is extremely serious about the revitalization of Miami-Dade County. His platform focuses on four important issues: Economic Development, Public Safety, Community Revitalization and Affordable Housing. Campbell believes that Miami-Dade County government has a responsibility to ensure that every citizen has access to safe and affordable housing. He believes that it is important to restore public trust, build stronger bonds between law enforcement and community and enhance current public safety and crime prevention programs.

Additionally, in order to promote economic development, Campbell supports responsible growth and development, small business expansion, attraction of new businesses, generating new revenue sources for our county and job creation. Finally, if elected, Campbell will take the opportunity to enrich our landscape by refocusing, restructuring and rebuilding to achieve the ‘highest and best use’ of our commercial and residential resources by enhancing the “look and feel” of our neighborhoods and improving the visual impression of our county and instilling a sense of community and neighborhood pride.

Luther R. Campbell was born in Miami, FL to Stanley, a native of Jamaica & Yvonne, an Overtown resident whose family migrated from Nassau, Bahamas. The youngest of four boys, Luther and his brothers were reared by their parents to become successful and productive members of society. Two of his brothers served in the Army and one in the Navy. They continued on to make their parents proud: one becoming a comptroller of the largest textile plant in Florida, another as a college professor, a chef and a Navy Pilot. Luther, who attended Miami Beach High School and played football, would also not disappoint his family as he made a name for himself.

Campbell began his entrepreneurial journey when he interned as a teenager at one of his brother’s companies in Washington DC. When he returned to Miami, Campbell worked various jobs including as an intern with WEDR, as a cook at Mt. Sinai and eventually as a DJ. As a local DJ, Campbell traveled across the city playing his records at the local schools, parks and teen discos. His venture became so successful, that he purchased a sound truck and thought he would become a successful concert promoter. However, it was his discovery of a rap group based out of California that would change his life and mark the beginning of his journey as a pop culture icon.

In 1983, Campbell became the first African American to own an independent record label through the launch of Luke Records. As the pioneer of Southern Hip-Hop, the record mogul helped launched the careers of such artists as Trick Daddy, H-town and Pitbull. Never one to conform to expectations, Luke Records also released successful gospel and Christmas albums. In 2010, Campbell was recognized by Vh1 Hip Hop Honors for his numerous contributions to the music industry.

No matter where his career has taken him, Campbell has never forgotten about his home. A philanthropist at heart, Campbell has involved himself with community issues locally and internationally. In the early 90’s, Campbell stocked a plane of supplies to help Haitians refugees stranded on Guantanamo Bay. In Miami-Dade, he focused his efforts and attention on providing opportunities for local youth. Whether its toy drives, scholarships or school supply donations through the Luther Campbell Charitable Foundation, co-founding the Liberty City Optimist, a youth program that houses academic and athletic programs for youth 5-15, or volunteering his time to mentor young men from his neighborhood, Campbell always finds time to give back—not for the sake of publicity, but for the sake of the wonderful community who helped support him throughout his years.

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