We will revitalize the small business environment that supports existing enterprise, recruits new business and creates incentives to help meet long-term economic objectives.  We will accomplish this revitalization through:

  • Responsible Growth and Development
  • Small Business Expansion
  • Attract new businesses
  • Generating new revenue sources for our county
  • Job Creation

      Redevelopment – we will take the opportunity to enrich our landscape by refocusing, restructuring and rebuilding to achieve the ‘highest and best use’ of our commercial and residential resources to:

  • Stabilize neighborhoods
  • Stop blight
  • Attract new residents
  • Uphold the cultural values of our diverse community

BeautificationEnhancing the “look and feel” of our neighborhoods is central to improving its economic outlook.  We will seek to improve the quality of life by:

  • Improving the visual impression of our county
  • Instilling a sense of community and neighborhood pride
  • Fulfilling the vision of Miami-Dade County as a Tourist Destination


Every citizen has the right to expect a safe environment.  We will work with the various stakeholders to implement results-oriented practices that provide protection, prevent loss at work and at home and enhance the well-being for our constituents.

  • Restore public trust
  • Build stronger bonds between law enforcement and community
  • Enhance current public safety and crime prevention programs
  • Increase patrolling to industrial and neighborhood areas
  • Support neighborhood watch and other preventative programming
  • Solicit feedback and suggestions, study trends, apply best practices



Thriving in property and housing opportunities, Miami-Dade County has a responsibility to ensure that every citizen has access to safe and affordable housing.  We will work to:

  • Redesign the current public hosing model
  • Remove blight from areas such as Liberty City and Overtown without  gentrifying the neighborhood


            Community is the sum total of the cultural, social and economic make up of Miami-Dade County.  It includes the cares of our citizens and stakeholders as much as it reflects a specific a neighborhood, leader or institution.  Our community is about us, who we are and what we believe in.  It also dictates what we must do to preserve our most precious values.  We will improve the conditions of our communities by:

  • Funding our youth Programs
  • Caring for our seniors
  • Strengthening families
  • Support networks of community and faith-based resources to serve the needs of our communities


One Response to Platform

  1. Luis Lopez says:

    Uncle Luke….if you are voted for Mayor, PLEASE,PLEASE do something about the neighborhood of Allapattah. We are a sinking ship. We need to filter out the illegal immigrants here and also the drug dealers who are all over. The empty lots are depressing and the sidewalks are trashed upon, etc, etc. A complete makeover is needed to Allapattah. Thank you.