To energize and compel voters of Miami-Dade County to vote for Luther “Luke” Campbell for Miami-Dade County Mayor by promoting a community focused platform while advocating a “For all of the People” message through a grassroots and social media based campaign.

I will roll back the taxes
I will do an internal audit of county departments
I will create 10,000 new jobs
I will fight for Jackson Memorial Hospital
I will give 60% of the county contracted jobs to the people that live in that community
I will cut (15) county departments
I will fight for affordable housing
I will have transparent government by using “Open Wellington” Software
I have a plan to bring an additional 200 million dollars into the county.
I will seek out fortune 500 companies globally to give to the initiative
I will create an urban development blue print for all communities
I will renegotiated the Marlin Stadium deal
I will fight for small businesses that are in need of small business funding
I will fight for funding for youth programs
I will create events and support entertainment initiatives
I will support senior citizen programs
I will fight for Teachers
I will put an end to all Dade County public corruption
I will be a champion of reform

I am a fighter and a champion of free Speech I went to the Supreme Court and Won,
I will give the people back their government,
It’s all about One Miami, not some Miami!

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