Luke Sommer

Fixing Hayden's Governance Problems

Hayden’s governance problems stem from one thing: bad meeting processes.

Example 1: Motions passed get put into the final copy by staff who are often guessing as to what the council actually meant.

Example 2: The mayor or chair limits the public’s right to comment on agendas.

Example 3: The public is restricted to talking about non-agenda items.

Example 4: Agendas and packages of reports/documents are given out late Thursday to be voted on the following Tuesday, not giving staff time for review.

The solution? Proper parliamentary procedure must be practiced. This protects the public. (Parliamentary procedure developed over millennia in deliberative assemblies to safeguard the right of the majority to rule, the minority to be heard and try to form their own majority.)

Thankfully, one mayoral candidate has passed the National Association of Parliamentarians’ exam: Luke Sommer. 

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