Luke Sommer

My Opponent

My opponent Alan Davis has sat on Hayden’s Planning and Zoning Commission for the last seven years. During his tenure, Hayden’s growth has been out of control.  Open spaces have been lost, massive apartment complexes have been built, and single-family neighborhoods have been threatened with the imposition of larger-footprint duplexes and triplexes.

Alan Davis was part of the team that developed the city’s Future Land Use Map (FLUM) in the Spring of 2021.  This FLUM fundamentally changed how the city will look in the future. The central planners behind it decided to totally disregard the desires of Hayden citizens by adding dramatically higher residential densities.  Alan Davis had every chance to protect Hayden’s residents from the FLUM’s high-density future.  He failed to do so.  Luke Sommer will fight to create a new FLUM that protects Hayden’s small-town character.

Weeks later, the requirement for developers to present at public city council meetings and get a majority vote of the city council for a Special Use Permit in approval of their development was eliminated. Now developers can bypass public input, which is a huge attack on the property rights of existing residents. Alan Davis sat on his hands as this policy was adopted. Luke Sommer will fight to bring back Special Use Permits to reign in developers.

And just recently, Alan Davis has promoted the preposterous idea that large lot single-family homes will make traffic worse, not better.  This defies all logic and shows Alan’s hostility to single-family home zoning.  No wonder his top two campaign donors are property developers.

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